"I interpret my experiences, relationships and beliefs of the world in my drawings and collages.  When you enjoy my artwork or laugh out loud at my collages, you will feel my soul as it relates to you."

"Delphi Church" - Delphi, GREECE 
7x10 ink drawing 2019 Plein Aire
"Temple of Athena" 
8 x 12 ink drawing 2019 Plein Aire
"Temple of Zeuss" 
7x10 ink pen on paper 
"Santorini, GREECE
" 7x10 ink drawing on tone paper 
" I recently took a trip and vacation to Greece and was able to sketch a few iconic landmarks on this journey... Incredible! LTY 2019
"Legs/Knee" model: Angela 

conte pencil - 2019


"Legs" - model: Angela

conte pencil-2019


"Red Legs" - model: Angela



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chalk color pencil2018


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