"Gender Hands"

Sterling Silver Overlay Earrings

2 x 2.5 cm

$40 pair

"Hands of Time"

 SOLD (left pair)

Sterling Silver Overlay Earrings

2 x 2.5 cm 

$40 pair


LTY Design Post Earrings featuring Lava Rock



LTY Design earrings featuring Wampum, a clam shell made from the Shinnecock tribe from the Northeast coast.

                               Silver oval dangle                                                               4cm long                                       E610 - $80

            Silver round with long pendulum dot                                                  7cm long                                      E611 - $120 

"Shaman Earrings"
 Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings
Length - 13/4'
              4.5cm                                                                              E604

"Relation Earring"  

Sterling Silver Rectangle Overlay Dangle Earring

Mix or match and choose which suits you best


$60 a pair / E598

Sterling Silver Textured Rock Art Earrings

(order Number)

E599A - Hands

E599B - BigHorn Sheep

Overlay earrings (left to right)

TOP - Long with four Southwest images $85 - E450 Hand with Una Vida panel $95 - E451 Half long with spiral and kokopelli $45 - E452

MIDDLE  - 3/4 Long with raincloud, corn, mtn. sheep $50- E453 3/4 long with rug design $40 - E454 Long with Celestial images $85 - E455

BOTTOM - Small Square with various images $35 E- 456 Small Square Supernova images $35 - E457 Foot shape with Una Vida panel $80 - E458

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$95 - E402
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Sterling Silver dangle word earrings


"Navajo Lucky Star"

$75 - E401
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Sterling Silver single long dangle earring

with stamped star design.


"Oppression" Sterling Silver dangle handcuff and feather earrings

 $95 - E400


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model: Kyerin Bennett