"Flights of Nancy"

3.5" - L

1"   -W

      Mother of Pearl Shell with Macaw and                        Commercial Feathers                     $75

Chandelier Earrings 

Sterling Silver and Kingman Turquoise


Tri-Metal Chandelier Earrings

Copper, Brass and Sterling Silver "chandelier" Links


"Placitas Sunset"

Post Earrings featuring Jasper Agate Stone



Tri-Metal Dangle Earrings

featuring Brass, Copper and Silver Metals


"Gender Hands"

Sterling Silver Overlay Earrings

2 x 2.5 cm

$40 pair


LTY Design earrings featuring Wampum, a clam shell made from the Shinnecock tribe from the Northeast coast.

                      Silver round with long pendulum dot                                                                      7cm long                                                                 E611 - $120 

"Shaman Earrings"
 Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings
Length - 13/4'
              4.5cm                                                                              E604